Partnership Opportunities

Water Supply Programs

While We are blessed abandently with fresh water running from the mountain ranges, 90% of the population still suffers having access to clean and healthy water.

Bridge Inc.

We are constanlty looking for partnerships in water & Senation programs where we can connect our communities in Rai Coast with access to fresh clean & healthy water.

Health & Sanitation

Our mothers & children are dying of curable disease such as polio and TB. The primary factors of these deaths are directly linked with lack proper health & sanitation in all communities across Rai Coast Electorate. We turn to blame socery and sanguma for many deaths. However we faild to meet the most basic and foudermental basic of human rights such as proer health & sanitation.

We cannot blame our leaders of our miseries, we need to adress it collectively among the elites cirlces. Therefore we are extending our invitation to those who in these business to partner with us to deliver some of the these services to our people of Rai Coast.

Bridge Inc.