Executives & Leaderships
The executives will be appointed by Financial Members via polling during annual general meetings. A temporary executive has been appointed to establish the organization for now.
This will be the leadership structure and specific details of each position will be outlined in a TOR (terms of references)

President – is the leader of the organization, he is directly responsible for overall operations. He guides and direct the annual operations and growth of the organization.

Treasurer – responsible for all the financial transactions of the organization. The responsibility ranges from recording and tracking all the revenues generated from different financial activities and donations. Ensuring acquittals for money spent on approved projects are properly documented and presented to the executives’ meetings or made readily available when requested by executives. The significant role of the treasure is to have innovative ideas on generating additional revenue using the existing resources.

Secretary – Responsible for ensuring all the administrative duties of the operations is checked, properly documented and stored for easy retrieval when required. The final person to authorize any transaction that is about to occur in the organization. Responsible for calling meetings in accordance with organizational guidelines.
Public Officer – The person responsible for representing its members regarding any issues and concerns they may have. He is also responsible for the organization public relationships with development partners and interested stakeholders.

  • President
    Elizah Posia
    • Vise President
      Gerard Jangiko
    • Secretary
      Ryan Nawi
    • Treasurer
      Holden Asuak
    • Public Officer
      Kanamu Kote
    • Fundraising Committee
      Emil Yambel