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Seeking Possible Partnership & Sponsors Everytime you fly to beautiful Madang Province, you fly over Finisterre Range. In a beautiful sunshine morning or even in the afternoon, you lookout of your window and see an endless mountain range. As you approach Madang town, you lookout and see some beautiful coastline. Have you ever wonered if […]

Exactly 11 years ago,a concept to create a platform where elites from Rai Coast District could collaborate, share concepts or ideas, experience, skills and talents gained from various profession to help develop their communities back in their electorate was born in UPNG housewind. In 2010 UPNG Rai Coast Students Association was made of a fairly […]

Educating fellow citizens on their rights to basic services by implementing awareness campaign programs. Ensuring accountability in public services – designing & implementing check and balance programs Encourage and nurture private-public partnerships in basic community service delivery, design and implementing programs that enhances private-public partnerships in community services delivery Creating platform for innovation and creativity […]

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Our Mission

Change advocates driven by patriotisms and sense of ownerships educating fellow citizens on basic human rights, accountability and good governances nurturing private-public partnerships in the development of Raicoast District. Our primary mission is to educate fellow citizens in the remote parts of RaiCoast on human rights to basic services and encouraging and imparting the sense […]

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Our Vision

Well informed, accountable and engaged society making informed choices for the district’s development. Our vision is to see fellow citizens fully aware of their rights to basic government services. Hence seeing patriotic citizens taking ownerships and ensuring proper check and balance in the public services delivery mechanism exists.We want to see ownership and accountability in […]

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Welcome to Bridge. We are a non- profit entity, formally registered as an Association with Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority with incorporation number 5-108325. Bridge is a Official platform where we strive to connect all the people of Rai Coast electorate working in the district, outside of the district or country to collaborate and […]