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Papua New Guinea is a very diverse country ranging from cultures, languages and geography. Over the 44 years of independence, the country has gone from good to worse as the society become more contemporary thus leadership roles are more personalized focusing on individualism, tribalism and wantokism.

Urban drift is increasing at the rate of almost 40 to 50 % annually as we neglect most basic public infrastructures such as health centers, schools, roads and law & order facilities. Districts towns are totally been abandoned as a direct result of lack of ownerships and patriotism engulfing all Papua New Guineans.

While cities are increasingly becoming overpopulated as result of urban drift, there is a greater need to ensure good governance and prudent management of basic services delivery in electorates around the nation.

Good governance accountability and prudent public fund management is totally missing in all the 101 districts and Raicoast is no exception.
Raicoast is geographically, culturally and spiritually complex. The major challenge leaders faced is complexity of population sparsely populated across completely rouged terrains of Finistry range. The district is made up of four (4) local level government stations. Two situated along the coast and two further inland among the rouged terrains only accessible by plane.
While the district hosts a major Chinese nickel and cobalt processing plant, the only access to the district is by sea transportation and by air for the inland population.

One wonders why there is no road infrastructure for the past 44 years. The simple answer is lack of good governance, accountability and prudent public fund management.
After carefully analyzing the lack of good governance, accountability and prudent public funds management for delivering basic services in the district, the following have been identified;

Lack of public awareness regarding public funds and how it’s used
Public unaware of their rights as citizens to basic services

Lack of accountability, no one is ensuring check and balance on how public funds are managed
Lack of community support from the elites from the district.

Disunity amongst development partners stakeholders Lack of private partnerships with government in community development matters
While there are existing government bodies who advocate on good governance and accountability in the public services sector, there is very little, or nil results the public have seen apart from individual advocators who advocated for good governance over the years

Bridge is an official non-profit organization that will be partnering with government to ensure there is good governance and accountability in Rai Coast Electorate by educating its citizens on the rights to basic services and ensuring accountability in the public services.
The group is formed by elites from the district and invites everyone from Raicost including tertiary students to be financial members