RURAL SME Acceleration Awareness

Our first primary objective is Education & Awareness. This year, we are focusing on empowering our rural communities with the information on SME. The Awareness Campaign is aimed to address some of the basic information about SME. The program is designed in the following manner;

How to start a SME. If you have an existing business how can you formalize it and what the the minimum requirements.

The program will focus on making information on how to apply for IPA Certification, Tax Indentity Numbers and Certification of Compliance with Internal Revenue Commission.

We going back to the basics to start preparing our people to grab the opportunities when they become available.

The program is designed in a way that services providers will partner with us and train our University Students to deliver on targeted audience. Our primary focus is for those who are operating informal business to start formalizing their business and start contributing meaningfully towards the development of this country.

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