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Seeking Possible Partnership & Sponsors

Everytime you fly to beautiful Madang Province, you fly over Finisterre Range. In a beautiful sunshine morning or even in the afternoon, you lookout of your window and see an endless mountain range. As you approach Madang town, you lookout and see some beautiful coastline. Have you ever wonered if there are people like you and I who live in those endless mountain range? and if they do, how do they access basic services they needs to survive?

The place that you always fly over everytime you want to land on Madang airport is called Rai Coast Electorate. Rai Coast electorate is made of 4 Local level Governments, namely Nahu-Rawa LLG, Austrolabe-bay LLG, Saidor LLG & Na-yudo LLG. Saidor being the largest LLG and Na-yudo being the smallest LLG in population size.

One of the many challanges we have in the LLG is geographical landscape. Most communities are located in the mountains, where there is no feeder roads linking primary coastal highlway. There are almost 40 plus fast flowing rivers running down from finisterre range. All the bridges constructed in the ealry 80s and 90s have been washed away and the main costal hightway is almost none existance with remainig of tracks.

The only means of transportation is via sea as our airstrips have been closed down. Our poeple from Nayudo, Nahu-rawa, and inland communities of Saidor & Austrolabe-bay LLG, walk days to the coast to catch a boat or pmv to town to access basic services. The sea transportation is not safe and many have lost lives. Our people’s safety is determined by weather conditions & over the past years we have experienced many lives lost in the sea.

Due to lack of road transaportation, many basic services have closed off since late 90s. Our people have been silently suffering from basic government services such as proper healty & sanitation, water supply, community aidpost and schools. Law & oder in the communities have escelated as our custodians of providing basic services are not empowered to do their duites with care and due-deligence.

The hard truth is that we have suffered silently for too long and we need a collective intervention in addressing them by directly linking communities to development partners & donnors. The district administration has been politicalized and as a result most basic services are not functional.

Elizah Posia

A small group of people seeing and experiencing the hardships have established Bridge Inc. in 2020. The primary reason to form this association was to create a platform where we can connect likeminded people from the district who want to participate in small ways in the comunity to collaborate ideas, experiences, resources and their network to identify impacted community project, raise funds towards the projects and deliver them direclty to the communities.

Bridge Inc. have a established network in the communities and we are currently looking for donors and sponsors in community development especially in the following areas;

  • Community Water Supply Programs
  • Community Law & Order Programs
  • Community Health & Sanitation Programs
  • SME Exceleration Programs
  • Education & Awarness in Governance & Accountability
  • Youths and Sports Progams
  • Others community programs

If you have Community Programs that you want to deliver directly to communiteis without going throught the bureaucratic processes, you can connect with us to assist you deliver your programs to communities in Rai Coast District. We have established a solid network with all 4 LLG in the electorate and we can collaborate with you to impliment your programs to most rural communities in Raikos Electorate.

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  1. A very unique page has been set but just wanna ask, how effective is the organization. I am planning here to be part of the blog page too..

    1. Hi Max thank you for questioning the effectiveness of our organization. Since we established Bridge Inc. in 2020, we have been working effortlessly to get support from sponsers and donners to support our objectives. Our effectiveness can only be measured once we deliver some of our objectives. You are most welcome to contriubte to ideas on this site.

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