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Exactly 11 years ago,a concept to create a platform where elites from Rai Coast District could collaborate, share concepts or ideas, experience, skills and talents gained from various profession to help develop their communities back in their electorate was born in UPNG housewind.

In 2010 UPNG Rai Coast Students Association was made of a fairly small number of students just below 20 studying in various discipline. We met atleast once a month and chatted about how we could develop a platform to unite everyone from a geographically diverse electorate with almost 80% of all language groups found in Madang Province and are sparsely populated across the Finistry Range only accessible by Sea and Air.

Well after 10 years, we have finally made the dream of college students become reality. Bridge Inc. was formally registered with IPA in 2020 with 4 executives, all working elites representing 4 Local Level Government in the electorate. We launch a membership drive starting in November of 2020 and encouraged all elites from the electorate to be financial members.

Our mission was simple, raise funds amongst our network, use our skills, experience, talents, knowledge and professional network to invest in small to medium community projects back in the electorate.

We have four (4) primary objectives;

  1. Education & Awareness
  2. Governance & Accountability
  3. Partnership & Collaboration
  4. Innovation & Creativity

We started some fundraising drives to raise funds for our community projects. Our first fundraising event was distributing dish of cooked food to our members and sponsors doorsteps at dinnertime. The results were positive and we look forward for many such fundraising activities throughout the year.

Our first partnership with Real Social Impact which is about to be finalized soon. Under this partnership,we will be assisting Real Social Impact deliver its SME Exceleraton Program in Rai Coast Electorate. Under this program we will be focusing on identifying a pool of talented artistsian in the electorate, help them develop their local arts and crafts to be sold in bigger markets under the US Aid lukautim ground program.

The primary objective is the assist local SME or potential SME develop their talents and skills to meet international standards and connect them to bigger audience for their products. In a geographically diverse electorate with no road links between majority of the communities, there will be more challenges but we have a rich network on the ground and startgey in place to overcome these challenges.

We are pleased with dailog so far and look forward to a positive collaboration in delivering SME Exceleraton program in Rai Coast Electorate. We want to call onto corporate sponsors and other donnor partners who have community base programs to collaborate with us to deliver their programs at the community level.

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Co-founder of Bridge Inc. Database developer, Web designer and Data Analyst

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  1. Great community Inatitiaves. we need more likeminded people to participate and collaborate on this programs.

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